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Meet Washougal's Trusted Commercial disposal experts

Getting rid of your unwanted clutter has never been easier

Looking for an easy way to get an estimate for your junk removal needs?
We've got you covered! Get your no-obligation text estimate:

#1: Snap some pictures of the items you need hauled away

#2: Text those pictures to us at 360-954-0706.

#3: We'll quickly reply with a no-obligation estimate based on what we see.

Keep in mind, sometimes an on-site assessment is needed to give you the most accurate quote possible.

Experience the convenience and affordability of our dump and trailer service today!

Bags of rubbish discarded on Putney Common. Residents’ use of the common during COVID lockdown increased hugely, with picnic of pizza and beer gaining popularity, resulting in piles of plastic bags of the resulting rubbish.

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